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Overweight Sensation: The life and comedy of Allan Sherman

"A remarkably well-researched, passionately written story of quite nearly tragic proportions. Allan Sherman's story will remain a crucial episode in the annals of satire, of assimilation, of celebrity seduction and American Jewish culture and history. We are in Cohen's debt to have it in such telling detail." Eric Alterman, co-author of The Cause: The Fight for American Liberalism from Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama and The Nation columnist


"A superb, absorbing account." -- Prof. Stephen Whitfield, Brandeis University


"An entertaining, informative, and ultimately moving story." Prof. Victor L. Cahn, Skidmore College


"Told with intimate details, an affectionate touch of humanity and lots of his parody lyrics in the well-researched book Overweight Sensation." The Hollywood Reporter


"Lively and meticulously researched." Chicago Tribune


"An interesting and engaging biography of a complicated man." Women's Wear Daily


"A well thought-out cultural history of Jewish Americans in the mid- to late 20th century." Library Journal


"Mark Cohen's masterful, critical biography." Daniel Kimmel, past president, Boston Society of Film Critics, in the Boston Jewish Advocate.