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Last Century of a Sephardic Community: The Jews of Monastir, 1839-1943

Through the use of unpublished archival documentation, rare illustrations and photographs, and original translations of Monastirli folklore, Cohen presents a fascinating story of the Monastir Jews' traditional culture, their Westernization, and destruction in the Holocaust. Last Century offers a portrait of a hitherto neglected Jewish culture that is a pleasure to read." Prof. Sarah Abrevaya Stein, UCLA


"An important addition to the study of Sephardic Jews." --Alana Newhouse, The Forward


"This is a welcomed contribution." --Rachel Simon, Princeton University Library, Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter


"Encyclopedic biography of a unique Jewish community during its last century of existence." --Prof. Steven Bowman, Jewish Studies Network


"In-depth study that delves into a variety of archival and published sources to bring together a coherent story of a community. A good addition to the growing literature on Sephardic Jews." --Annette B. Fromm, Journal of American Folklore